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Re: Revolving Loan Fund


The Nebraska Energy Office has used NDEQ funds in its ClimateWise loan
program - which can be used to purchase equipment that implements P2. 
Contact John Osterman, who set it up, at 402-471-2867  He's operated the
program for a couple of years - an is in the process of revising it, I
think.  Now is a good time to contact him.

You might also want to contact Jack Ruff at the Department of Economic
Development.  He's carved out a small portion of CDBG (Community
Development Block Grant) funds that can be used to purchase equipment
that, when installed, increases productivity (less waste/unit
produced??).  There are strings, of course - the grant is conditional on
tying profits back to employee pay  -  and as far as I know it has not
yet been used - but it's another model for those interested in
identifying value worthy of public sector participation....  Jack is
available at 402-472-3111

Tell them both happy holidays for me.


Brown, Kenneth wrote:
> Do you know of any states which are using a govt. financed revolving loan fund to buy down the cost of implementing P2 technologies? We are looking into the idea for Minnesota and are searching for other examples.
> Thank you,
> Ken Brown
> Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
> 520 Lafayette Road North
> St. Paul, MN 55155
> dir ph 612-215-0241
> fax 612-215-0246
> kenneth.brown@moea.state.mn.us

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