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P2 Opportunities For Used Oil Handlers

P2 Experts:

Its been a while.  In our hazardous waste program we are developing several different used oil fact sheets.   Can any of you provide fact sheet-type/case study information on P2 opportunities for used oil handlers.  I am specifically referring to used oil generators, owners/operators of used oil collection/transfer facilities, used oil transporters, used oil processors/rerefiners, and used oil burners.  I realize that this is a broad audience so if you have any P2-related material specific to any type of handler, it will be deeply appreciated.  

To narrow the focus a bit, the small business used oil generator community primarily consist of auto repair shops, new/used auto dealers, "quick lubes," fleet operations, and service stations.    Medium to large businesses include metal fabrication/machine companies and steel mills.  Used oil processors are primarily fuel blenders and used oil burners are probably mostly asphalt/cement plants, steel mills, and small companies that burn used oil in space heaters.  Thanks for your cooperation.

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