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New Sustainable Business Webspace!!!

Announcing a new webspace on Sustainable Business, Cleaner Production,
Environmental Management

Merry Christmas, everyone!  Here is my little present to the cyber-world
for 1999.  Hamner and Associates (me) is pleased to announce the launching
of the Sustainable Business Webspace.  The Webspace is an on-line subject
and links guide to sustainable business (see below for what I think this

I put this together because I always thought there should be a site on
sustainable business that is organized by theory and subject, and my
bookmarks collection had got out of control, so I put the collection into a
narrative or book approach.  The Webspace can be read like a book for
first-timers, or used as a links guide by those who know what they are
looking for.  

Major sections include the Webtour, News and Views, Management Education,
and Cool Stuff.

The heart of the Sustainable Business Webspace is the Sustainable Business
Webtour.  It includes a page of The Big Pictures (all hyperlinked!), and
major sections on Life Cycle Scoping, Sustainable Value Chains, TQEM, Waste
Management, and Business Sectors (subtopics are listed below).  You can
start at the introduction and a link at the bottom of each page takes you
to the next in sequence, like reading a book.

Life Cycle Scoping:  - under major development!  Got suggestions?  Pages
include Resource Harvestors and Extractors, Primary Producers, Direct
Suppliers, Competitors, The Firm, Distributors, Customers, Waste Managers

Sustainable Value Chains pages include Management Systems, Stakeholder
Management, Design for Environment, Environmental Accounting and Investing,
Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Cleaner Production/Pollution
Prevention, Reverse Logistics, Product Stewardship

TQEM Pages include Process Mapping, Process Charting, Process Waste Causes,
Process Options, Process Costing

Waste Management Pages include Environmental Industry Networks, Hazardous
Chemicals, Water Pollution, Air Pollution, Solid Waste, Toxic Waste, Health
and Safety

Business Sector pages (some under major updates now) include Banking,
Electronics, Packaging Films, Foods, Foundries, Hotels, Infrastructure,
Insurance, Property Development, Meat Processing, Metal Finishing, Paper,
Semiconductor Packaging, Social Investing, Telecommunications, Vehicles

The address of the Sustainable Business Webspace is

We posted this Webspace to help our friends, students, clients and anyone
else who is interested in Sustainable Business.  We hope you like the
subject organization and will help us make the Webspace even better. 

On my business website (acccessible from same address), I have also posted
a number of my papers that have been or are being published.  Check out the
Publications page.  Topics include:

Strategic Approach to ISO 14001
ISO 14001 and the Asia Semiconductor Industry
Cleaner Production Training in Asia
Management Accounting for Cleaner Production
Survey of Asian Business Schools on Environmental Education
Greening the Supply Chain

You are welcome to read and comment on them (but not to reproduce them,
others own the copyrights).

Please surf on in, email us, and have a happy new year!  

That web address again is http://www.mindspring.com/~bhamner

Burton Hamner, MBA, MMA
Hamner and Associates, Seattle Washington
email:  bhamner@mindspring.com
webpage:  http://www.mindspring.com/~bhamner
Mailing address:  4343 4th Avenue NW, Seattle, WA USA 98107
Tel/Fax:  206-789-5499