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MFW Coolant Recycling

    Peter, et al,
    I'm aware of two companies that recycle all cutting fluids 
    internally using (what's referred to in ads (Metalworking Digest)) 
    as "The Alfa Laval Fluid Purification System".  For the following 
    reasons, I'm directing you to the company that makes the equipment 
    rather than the user...it might be more helpful.
    Per your quarry,  I'm not sure if "ultrafiltration" is involved 
    and the system is being used on aqueous cutting fluids rather than 
    "synthetics".  This info may not be any help unless the company is 
    able to consider a switch to aqueous cutting fluids, or the system 
    manufacturer produces equipment to handle "synthetics".
    Company Name: Henry Filters, Inc.
    		  Van Camp road
    		  Bowling Green, Ohio
    Contact:	  Brian Pahl, ex: 258  
    NOTE:  The information is a few years old so reliability may be