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RE: crematoria

I would expect some of the same issues associated with medical waste
incineration. EPA has published air standards for medical waste
incineration. The background documents for this standard are at
http://www.epa.gov/ttn/uatw/129/hmiwi/rihmiwi.html.  EPA also included
crematoria in their Mercury point source inventory in their report to
Congress. There may be some unique mercury related issues.Also we have a
number of articles related to medical waste at our Website
http://wrrc.p2pays.org. Go to search databases and then to RLIBY.  We can
send you any articles you find relevant.

John Calcagni
Waste Reduction Resource Center
PO Box 29569
Raleigh NC 27626-9569

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> We have received an inquiry about any possible environmental  and health
> concerns that might be associated with locating a crematororium near a
> residential neighborhood.   Does anyone have a source of information on
> this topic?? 
> thanks
> John Marlin