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Quarry Fines?

Dear P2Tech:

	Glasgow  Quarries in Southeast PA generates  "fines" from the cleaning 
operation of their crushed product.  Approximately 98% would pass a 20 mesh 
sieve.  Analysis indicates approximately 50% calcium carbonate, 40% magnesium 
carbonate, 5% insolubles and the remaining 5% silica, iron, and aluminum

	The fines are currently being stockpiled for agricultural use.  Glasgow 
markets the fines through a sales agent that has exclusive rights for 
agricultural uses. 

        The Quarry is looking for other outlets for this material.  I
him towards the Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation, Bureau of Water
Quality - 
sludge applications, and TSD's that might use fines in hazardous waste 
stabilization.  Is anybody familiar with any other sources and/or uses?  Any 
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

John Kasarda, Waste Management, PADEP, Southeast Region, Waste Management
Barbara Bloomfield, PADEP, Southeast Region, P2 Program