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RE: Acetone Substitutes

Some folks here use a product named 'Res-Away Emulsifier Cleaner'. It's
distributed by The Norac Co, Inc, 405 S. Motor Ave., Azusa CA 91702, (818)
334-2908. Product literature states " is the safer way to clean resin from
hands and the tools of the FRP industry...". This is not a product
endorsement...just thought you'd be interested...George

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		From:	Richard Burns ORL
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		Subject:	Acetone Substitutes
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		Searching for the Holy Grail ..... an effective, non haz
		for acetone used in equipment cleanup for fiberglass
		Some substitutes being used by Florida boat manufactures
		apparently satisfactory results include propylene carbonate,
S-280 and
		Super Red. Would be interested in any pros/cons re these
		substitutes or any other successful cleanup solvent.


		Dick Burns
		FDEP Central District P2 Coordinator