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Looking for good speakers on a range of mfg. issues.

I am part of a group looking for good speakers to address a late Spring 99 conference on manufacturing excellence and energy & resource efficiency.  

Our intent is to develop a well rounded agenda examining what it takes to manage a successful manufacturing business and stimulate a dialogue on how and where energy and "natural" resource efficiency might fit into the picture. 

We are looking for speakers that could address:
1) Generally accepted ideas in manufacturing such as the Toyota Manufacturing System (JIT, pull systems, KanBans, etc), ABC costing (even if some challenge its usefulness), Team Management, etc.

2) Newly established bodies of thought such as TOC (Theory of Constraints)

3) Green manufacturing concepts - The Natural Step, de-manufacturing, de-materialization, product stewardship

4) Futurist: What should manufacturers prepare for in future, markets, economy, legislation, societal expectations, competition, etc. 

I would be VERY INTERESTED and APPRECIATIVE of an suggestions for speakers that you might be able to make. 

Thanks - Joe Junker 
Joseph F. Junker P.E.
Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership 
Oregon State University, Extension Energy
341 Batcheller Hall, Corvallis, Oregon, USA  97331-2405

Voice:	541/737-5034     Fax:	541/737-5035
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