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Dirty Mop Water

I am working with a machine shop to minimize mop water contaminated with oil
and coolant.

Coolant, chips, and oil collect around machinery from spills and leaks.
Absorbents are sometimes used for small leaks.  However, usually the spills
and leaks are mopped up and the mop water is collected in 55-gallon drums.
The mop water is sampled and ultimately dispositioned as hazardous or
non-hazardous waste, depending on the test results.  The mop water cannot go
through the recycling unit (Yellow Bellied Sump Sucker) because of the
bacteria that accumulates.  The shop floor is mopped once a week and it
follows the same disposal process.

The coolant used is Trimsol E-190, the metal is mostly non-ferrous, and the
oil varies.

If anyone has any suggestions for applicable waste reduction techniques I'd
love to hear from you!

Thank you!!


Mary Betsch
Waste Management Hanford
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