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Re: Dirty Mop Water and Poka-Yoke

It important to stop the spills and leaks first.  There are a number of
good books on the subject of Poka-Yoke, or mistakeproofing.  Many companies
use these techniques to prevent accidental spills and leaks and keep them
from happening again.  There is a handy little pamphlet (The basics of
mistake-proofing) available from Quality Resources (212-979-8600) that
gives an great overview on this important methodology.  I would resist
going to an aqueous-based machining fluid since they are being implicated
in the incidence of Legionnaires Disease in some shops.  We are beginning
to use Poka-Yoke at Los Alamos National Laboratory to deal with spills
there.  It is a fascinating way to apply prevention to something that we
used to deal with in preparedness (containment) and contingency programs.
Hope this helps.

At 06:32 AM 1/4/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I am working with a machine shop to minimize mop water contaminated with oil
>and coolant.
>Coolant, chips, and oil collect around machinery from spills and leaks.
>Absorbents are sometimes used for small leaks.  However, usually the spills
>and leaks are mopped up and the mop water is collected in 55-gallon drums.
>The mop water is sampled and ultimately dispositioned as hazardous or
>non-hazardous waste, depending on the test results.  The mop water cannot go
>through the recycling unit (Yellow Bellied Sump Sucker) because of the
>bacteria that accumulates.  The shop floor is mopped once a week and it
>follows the same disposal process.
>The coolant used is Trimsol E-190, the metal is mostly non-ferrous, and the
>oil varies.
>If anyone has any suggestions for applicable waste reduction techniques I'd
>love to hear from you!
>Thank you!!
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