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Re: acetone

Lots of boat builders in Pacific NW have switched to DBE as an acetone
substitute.  However I recall one firm that decided NOT to use it because
two out of about 100 workers had very bad skin reactions to the stuff.
Unfortunately I can't recall at the moment just what else they decided to
use, I will forward this to my friend Rob Reuter at WA Dept of Ecology who
knows all about this.  Anyway, 'tis another recurring lesson in caution re


At 09:41 AM 1/4/99 -0500, Jeff Pico wrote:
>I recall reading about a boat builder in NJ that replaced acetone 
>as a cleaning solvent with di-basic ester. I will attempt to 
>dig up some details, or a contact name. 
>Jeff Pico
>> Searching for the Holy Grail ..... an effective, non haz substitute
>> for acetone used in equipment cleanup for fiberglass boatbuilders.
>> Some substitutes being used by Florida boat manufactures with
>> apparently satisfactory results include propylene carbonate, S-280 and
>> Super Red. Would be interested in any pros/cons re these three
>> substitutes or any other successful cleanup solvent.
>> Thanks
>> Dick Burns
>> FDEP Central District P2 Coordinator 
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