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Re: Synthetic Motor Oil


Synthetic motor oil is better than conventional oils because it is more
resistant to degredation due to high temperatures, it provides better heat
transfer within the engine (allowing the engine to run cooler), it reduces
friction which improves gas mileage and provides better cold-weather
starts.  All of these things helps to reduce emissions from the vehicle.
The bad thing about synthetic oil is it usually costs twice as much as
conventional oils.

However, many manufactures of the synthetic oil claim that synthetic oil
provides longer intervals between oil changes since to oil is so resistant
to degredation (6,000 to 10,000 miles instead if the usual 3,000).  So the
costs over the long-haul are pretty much equal.

In fact I started using synthetic oil in my 7-year old car and I found that
the costs are equal (I pay twice as much for the oil but I change the oil
once every 8,000 miles instead of once every 4,000 miles).