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Re: Synthetic Motor Oil

Like you, I have been following the development of this oil for many years.
I do my own car maintenance and would love to use it, but I still have
doubts. It provides better lubrication? It is true it does not thicken up in
cold weather like a single grade motor oil, but I use 5W30 petroleum motor
oil. Does it lubricate better than that? I don't know and I have not seen
tests that convince me. In North Carolina a car with 76,000 miles is just
breaking in. I have one that is driven daily and has 235,000 miles on it. I
change the oil every 3,000 miles on it. The engine is original. Uses about
one quart of oil every 1,000 miles. My other car has 120,000 miles on it and
runs like new. You say the synthetic oil stays cleaner. How do you know
that? Is that better? If I had used synthetic oil on my 16 year old car
would the engine be running better? I don't know. It runs very good with
235,000 miles on it. I am concerned that the synthetic oil may in fact be
dirtier and more harmful to the engine. The typical automotive oil filter is
about 30-40 micron. The running clearances are greater than that, but
something is wearing out the engine. The longer the oil is in the engine the
more dirt of 39 micron or less it will carry. I'm also concerned about the
acids that form in the crankcase from combustion blow-by. Supposedly these
acids will attack the bearings. The acids are removed when the oil is
changed. When your used synthetic oil is recycled, does it get mixed in with
used petroleum oil and is this a problem? In industry I worked on air
compressors. We were using synthetic oil 25 years ago. It can solve many
problems. It also created some problems. I was able to test oils then, but
not now. Since I want to use synthetic oil in my cars, I hope other
P2TECHers will offer data/experience/advice. 

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