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Re: Dirty Mop Water

Prevention is the key, and that means keeping the stuff off the floor to
begin with.  And I agree with Mike that it is not only an environmental
problem, but a real safety hazard as well, and some of this kind of stuff is
tough on the shoes too.

Prevention means taking steps to keep the stuff off the floor in the first
place.   In some cases, that may mean making dikes to separate the drip area
from the walking floor, using absorbent socks as dike walls and absorbent
materials inside the dike, or similar practices to keep it out of the
walking area.  The walking area should be cleaned with a wet/dry cleaning
machine, except when there are spills.  Spills should be cleaned up
separately to keep them from contaminating the cleaning machine.

Just a few ideas.

BTW Mike, now you have my new address.  Ralph

Ralph E. Cooper, Ph.D.
J.D., Class of 1999
Case Western University School of Law

14139 Woodstream
San Antonio, TX 78231
210-479-5490 (4)