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Re: TRI chemicals

My direct reply to this question bounced, so I am hoping the intended
recipient will be able to get it this way.

> ----------
> From: 	Snyder, Mark
> Sent: 	Monday, January 11, 1999 9:55 AM
> To: 	'N. Kolwey'
> Cc: 	McComas, Cindy
> Subject: 	Re:  TRI chemicals
> I had your message forwarded to me by a member of GLPPR's listserve.  I
work with two hazard ranking systems that are based primarily on toxicity,
though neither have the group or Tier feature that you mentioned.
> The first system I started working with was developed by the MN Pollution
Control Agency, and it evaluates potential environmental impacts of
chemicals released to the air by incorporating information about a
chemical's environmental fate and its toxicity.  The contact person is
given below:
> Greg Pratt, 651-596-7664, gregory.pratt@pca.state.mn.us
> The second system I have worked with was developed by the Indiana Clean
Manufacturing Technology and Safe Materials Institute at Purdue University.
 This system incorporates information about worker exposure impacts and
environmental impacts to determine relative hazard.  The contact person is
given below:
> Shayla Barrett, 765-463-4749, shayla@ecn.purdue.edu
> I have also seen a system developed by the Environmental Defense Fund in
conjunction with U of California-Berkeley, which you can check by following
the link shown below.
> http://www.scorecard.org/general/health/health_gen.html
> I hope this is of help to you.
> Mark Snyder
> Pollution Prevention Specialist
> Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance