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Re: Metal Shaping Source Reduction

Since when is process improvement philosophical?  My clients sort and weigh
scrap metal every shift.  They use process mapping and statistical process
control to lower the amount of scrap that is generated.  This is done by
simplifing the process by using the process map.  Other problem solving and
decision making tools are used by the workers to make sure this happens.
They do not rely on "right answers" provided by outsiders.  They realize by
using ABC tools that the recycle methods only bring them back pennies on
the dollar.  By cutting scrap altogether is the only way to save
significant money for the operation.  I have found these tools to be widely
used (right Burt?) and work well when the workers are involved and have
received proper training.  Many companies get these courses offered at
community colleges and have the employees trained there (statistical
process control is a challenge for some).  I would like to know how many
right answers that you have found worked as well in the transplanted firm
as claimed by the vendor or firm proposing the "solution,"  Rich Grote's
posting on knowing the facility's culture to ensure success is right
on!!!!!!!  You will only get to know the culture if you work with them
using the tools.  Why don't you ask Pat Gallagher about her experience in
this regard?  Read up on some of the SPC books and the information on the
Systems Approach tools and roll up your sleeves to help this firm solve its
own problems.  They will have a lot of fun getting to the correct solution
for them.  Chances are that they will do so using continuous improvement
rather than spending money on what worked somewhere else.  Good luck and
have some fun working with these not so philosophical tools.

At 11:47 AM 1/22/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Does anyone have some source reduction options for a company that is
>basicly a forging company that buys metals, cuts them up and squishes
>them into shapes which we sell.  I found a wealth of information on
>coating and electroplating, but nothing on reducing scrap waste.  Their
>waste is scrap metal which they currently recycle.
>I gave the company the hearty-ho tighten- the-faucet-so-you-don't-have
>so-much-mopping-to-do philosophical advice, but I would like to provide
>them with more specific soulutions.  
>Does anyone have any specific suggestions?
>Thomas Vinson, Engineering Specialist
>Industrial Pollution Prevention, Office of Pollution Prevention and
>Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
>MC-112, PO BOX 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087

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