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Site Visits

I have some questions/comments regarding site visits that may get me flamed,
but so be it.  Am I correct in my understanding that the two major
approaches are a) outsiders do the assessment and give the plant personnel a
shopping list of measures versus b) work with the plant personnel to develop
an understanding of the process and then have them come up with solutions ?

And why is it that "a" types seem to be associated with environmental
programs while "b" types are associated with quality programs ?  How did
this split occur ?

If there is a split, then we have a generation of people in the
environmental field who have been misled and mistaught as to how to conduct
a P2OA.  What ever happened to "product champion" ?  What happened to
brainstorming sessions and option screening by the "team" members ?  All of
these relate to the "b" approach and they did not come from quality
programs.  They are rooted in the common ancestors of both programs.

As the old saying goes "What works, works."  If you offer free advice and
the company doesn't want you to take time away from their employees, then
you can only follow the "a" model.  Maybe nothing will happen, or maybe you
planted some seeds that can take root for a future "b" approach.  And if the
company spends money to take the "b" approach, then you can be assured
something will happen because its expected.

Does anyone know of a substitute for asbestos suits ?