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Re: agency process flow diagrams

To the members of the Environment/Technology/Society listserv and the
Organizations and the Natural Environment listserv:

Re the query below, I am guessing that some of you academic types will know
of good examples or guidelines for developing process flow diagrams for
bureaucratic/agency services in general, and maybe environmental agencies
in particular.  In fact I would guess that someone in public policy,
government or sociology studies has developed a typology for graphically
describing such things.  With a thousand PhDs a year being granted in such
topics, somebody MUST have done so.  Since we in the pollution prevention
technical community are occasionally trying to improve enviro agency
processes can you help out with a response to me (Burt Hamner,
bhamner@mindspring.com), and I will prepare a digest of responses to
circulate among the listservs.  



At 01:14 PM 1/22/99 -0700, KATHRYN SEWELL wrote:
>I have been asked to prepare a graphic representation of how our agency
works for planning purposes.  It came to mind that a process flow diagram
might be appropriate.  Has anyone out there prepared a process flow diagram
of their agency?  If so, please send it to me or let me know how or where
to find it.   I have a short turn around time so would appreciate your
>Katie Sewell
>Idaho Division of Environmental Quality
>1410 N. Hilton
>Boise, ID  83706
>(208) 373-0465
>(208) 373-0169 fax
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