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Self-Serve Car Wash BMPs

I am working with the City of Palo Alto on a series of best management
practices to prevent discharges of metals from self-serve car washes
into either stormwater sewers or sanitary sewers.

[1]	We have prepared a draft set of BMPs, and are now looking for people
who would like to offer their comments on what we have written.  Please
send me a direct return e-mail if you would like to review the draft,
and I will send you an electronic copy to look over.

[2]	Have any of you already prepared BMPs for self-serve car washes, and
if so would you provide us with either an electronic copy or an internet
URL where we could download them?


Thomas Barron, PE
Pollution Prevention Consultant
3351 Beechwood Drive
Lafayette, CA 94549
(925) 283-8121
FAX 283-6746