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Re: Health House and other things


Just a quick note about ALA Health Houses.  You asked about similar
programs in other states.  Here in Montana, Energetecs, Inc. is currently
helping to build an ALA Health House in Bozeman.  It sounds like it is the
first one of its kind being built in Montana.  I don't know too much about
the specifics, but the goals of the project seem to be quite in line with
the house you described in Columbus.  Here's their contact information just
in case:  

Energetechs, Inc.
Phone:  800.955.7360
Fax:  406.642.3488
E-mail:  iaqexp@montananet.com

Take care,

At 03:41 PM 1/22/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>Thanks to those of you who have replied to me on the moisture problem.  I
>did not think about the moisture from new construction products.
>Yesterday I heard a talk on the ALA's Health House project.  The president
>of our lung assoc. came recently from Michigan.  He has been quite involved
>in this project.  They are soon going to start construction on a Health
>House in the Columbus area.  The aim is to build a house that is protective
>of health as well as efficient in energy.  He said that if all systems are
>put in, the approach will add about 15% to new construction costs, but
>dramatic differences can be seen with 5% additional costs.  They use the
>homes as demonstration sites for a while (30-180 days) and then sell them to
>homeowners.  The one they have planned for the Columbus area will cost about
>$700,000, but they have built them in various price ranges.  They also train
>builders who can save alot of money just on lowered call-backs.  ALA claims
>that the homeowner can save money on a monthly basis, because energy costs
>are so much less (heating and cooling for less than $600 per year in one
>Is anyone familiar with these homes in their states?  Has anyone been
>through their training?
>There is a new guide to working in communities on environmental justice.  I
>believe it is free.  ALA was involved.  My information says it is called
>Environmental Justice Resource Guide.  Call 800-490-9198.
>Does anyone know about the Child Health Environment Coalition? Who are they,
>are they a good source of information?  I got this address from a member of
>our IAQ coalition.  Have not checked it yet. 
>PO Box 846
>Malibu, CA 90265
>PH 310-589-2233
>FAX 310-589-5856
>Does anyone know about the Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc?  Are they
>a solid, reliable source of information?  They have web information on
>environmental threats to children's health, including lead, ETS, air
>pollution, pesticides and drinking water.
>We're having a warm spell in Ohio (66 degrees today).  Most of our snow and
>ice is melted.  We'll be back to winter reality by Sunday.  I hate to take
>my new car onto the pothole ridden and salt covered streets next week.
>Take care,
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