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Free Lunch! Free Conference!

Who said there isn't such a thing as a free lunch?  Owens Community 
College and the Ohio EPA (with a host of others including other 
local Universities, the City of Toledo, the Zoo and others...) are 
offering a conference entitled "Pollution Prevention in Northwest 
Ohio" on March 8th at the Owens Community College Audio Visual 
Classroom Center in Toledo, Ohio.  

This event is made possible by a grant from the Lake Erie Protection 
Fund and will promote a new recycling web page created under a grant 
from the USEPA Design for the Environment program.  Please visit 
or web page (be patient, it isn't quite done yet) at 
http://www.bgsu.edu/recycle/ to see what we've done.  The page brings 
together all of the local solid waste management district recycling 
information into one easy to access source.

This event is the result of a subcommittee of the Maumee River 
Remedial Action Program (RAP) with the express goal of minimizing 
pollution within the Maumee watershed.  We have collaboratively 
designed an excellent resource bringing together much of the P2 
information for our watershed.  The seminar is designed for the 
general public.  However, other RAP leaders may have significant 
interest in emulating or improving upon our work for other regions of 
the country.

Please visit the Ohio EPA web page at:
http://www.epa.state.oh.us/opp/news/hotnews.html for further 
information on the conference and registration information.  Hurry, 
space is limited!

Yes yes, we know, recycling is not the highest tier in P2.  However, 
for the general public it is SIGNIFICANTLY better than putting it out 
to the curb!  Also, we will provide real P2 information (source 
reduction) during the seminar.  The recycling web page is just one 
piece of the pie.....
David G. Gardner, Chairman
Industrial Operations Technologies
The Owens Community College