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Re: Concrete Trucks Washout

I have been working with a ready-mix concrete batch plant recently where they
often use a stabilizer to reduce the need for washout.  When a truck comes in
after hours, the driver adds ~50 gallons of water and 32 ounces of stabilizer
to the mixer barrel.  The stabilizer keeps the concrete from setting.  The next
morning, the first batch into the truck is mixed to take the additional water/
concrete/ stabilizer mix into account.  Apparently there has been little
problem with this.  The only stabilizer I know of is named DELVO, manufactured
by Master Builders Technologies.  Their Cleveland phone number is 216-831-5500.

Also, the State of Florida Generic Permit for Discharges From Concrete Batch
Plants (at http://www2.dep.state.fl.us/water/Wf/iw/cbp.pdf) encourages use of
rinse out water at the batch plant by prohibiting discharge. 

John Scarboro             scarboro_j@dep.state.fl.us
Pollution Prevention Program          (850) 488 0300
FL- Dept. of Environmental Protection  fax  921 8061

}Have any states developed guidance or standards to address the washout of
ready-mix concrete trucks (rinsing of interior and chutes) at
building/construction sites?
}Looking for materials that describe source reduction ideas and best management
practices for these sources.
}Thanks for your assistance,
} Jeff Lewis Ohio EPA/Office of Pollution Prevention Lazarus Government Center
P.O. Box 1049 Columbus, OH 43216-1049 Phone (614) 644-2812 FAX (614) 644-2329