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RE: so-called levers

EPA says regulatory levers; Business says command-and-control; Rush Limbaugh
says enviro-nazi.  Command-and-control, like military style management, is
effective in a crisis situation such as when the river's on fire but I don't
see many successful companies adapting that management style during
peacetime.  While EPA may long for the sense of urgency and importance of a
crisis management style it often leads to poor regulations ala Love Canal
and Superfund.  

Why are we even contemplating P2 via command-and-control? Haven't we learned
anything in the past 30 years?
1) It's incredibly inefficient.  Regulatory flexibility and economic drivers
have been demonstrated in this country and others to cut the cost of
achieving environmental quality goals by a factor of 2 to 5.  We're talking
billions and billions of dollars.  

2) A command-and-control philosophy may work in the socialist societies of
northeast Europe but it is an anathema to the 'Merican way of life.  It's no
fun being a bureaucrat when the invisible hand of capitalism has all the
power but that's life.

3) Industry keeps telling government not to tell them how to run their
business.  To solve the tough environmental problems facing us we need
business-government cooperation and the tough decisions forced by market
realities rather than the endless litigation and poor communication that
result from a confrontational approach.

4)Can we command-and-control our way to a sustainable community?  Or even
HVLP spray guns?

I hope I haven't violated anyone's religious beliefs too terribly. Hopefully
we can end discussion of command-and-control lust and move back to P2

Mike Heaney
NC Division of Pollution Prevention &
Environmental Assistance