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Re: Site Visits

    Sue Anderson:
    The "green sticker" program to which you alluded has been 
    replicated to some degree in the Pittsburgh Pa area as well as in 
    numerous locations.  Results seem positive in most reports.  (If I 
    remember correctly) the Health Department (or a Health Dept. 
    office around the Pittsburhg area) started awarding a "star" 
    symbol/environmental-type sticker.  Their program (I think) 
    applied to any business, not just automotive shops.  The 
    presentation claimed excellent results.  (If you really want to 
    chase it down, call me at 570-327-3568 and I'll get better info or 
    supply a contact.)
    The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources ran a feature article in 
    their spring/summer 1997 edition titled "Eco-Labeling and 
    Environmental Certification Programs, Marketing the Green, the 
    Greener, and the Greenest".  A very interesting presentation (I'm 
    jealous).  Perhaps if any of our Vermont friends are reading one 
    of them can better represent their excellent work and/or copy you 
    and the list.  (If no response, let me know and I'll be happy to 
    fax a copy of the article to you.)
    Also, there is always Green Seal at   
    <http://www.greenseal.org/index.htm> (from '97 - hope it still 
    works).  This is another one discussed in the Vermont article.