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Toxic/Hazardous Chemicals Substitutions -Reply

Elling -- I'd suggest you start with resources developed by US EPA's
Green Chemistry Program.  The Green Chemistry program promotes the
discovery, development, demonstration and commercialization of
substitutes and alternative for chemical products and processes.  Their
website is www.epa.gov/greenchemistry.  Described on that website is
the Green Chemistry Expert System (GCES) which I believe is nearing
completion.   Among other things, this system will provide guidance on
designing safer, less hazardous chemicals and will offer information on
greener substitutes to traditional solvents.

The managers of the program have also published some books on Green
Chemistry through Oxford University Press.  The books that I know of
Green Chemistry:  Theory and Practice, by Paul Anastas and John
Warner  (1998)
Green Chemistry:  Frontiers in Benign Chemical Syntheses and
Processes, edited by Paul Anastas and Tracy C. Williamson  (1998)
Green Chemistry: Designing Chemistry for the Environment, edited by
Anastas and Williamson (1996).

Call 1-800-451-7566 for more info.  You might also be able to find info on
the books by viewing the Oxford University Press website at

Susan McLaughlin
Program Manager, US EPA's Environmental Accounting Project
Phone:  (202) 260-3844
Fax: (202) 260-0178
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (MC-7409)
401 M Street SW
Washington, D.C.  20460

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I'm looking for sites/information/resouces on toxic and hazardous chemical
substitutions. Any lead will be appreciated.

Elling Myklebust

Phone: 303-216-0848
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E-mail: info@lightcomm.com

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