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Re: Removal of Zinc, Nickle and Gold from a wastestream

Dan...At 11:20 AM 1/28/1999 -0700, Daniel N. Webster wrote:

>I am researching the best method of removing Zinc, Nickle and Gold from
>a waste process stream with no sludge as a product. 
>Does anyone have any leads to whom may have been succesful with this

you might wish to investigate using EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic
acid) for this application.  EDTA, when used as a chelating agent, has an
affinity for metallic ions.  However I suspect that given the value of the
nickel and gold ions there are other chemical processes e.g. specific ion
exchange resins which may be better suited.  The University of Chicago
through it's ARCH Development Corporation (if my memory serves me
correctly) commercialized during the early '90s an ion exchange resin for
recovery of those heavy metals.

Good luck...