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Re: Removal of Zinc, Nickle and Gold from a wastestream


Since you are in Water Quality, I assumed this is an aqueous wastestream.
Electrolytic recovery will not work selectively, and may not work at all
because of the mixture of noble and nearly non-noble metals you have.
Liquid-liquid extraction looks like a good possibility, and has been shown
to remove nickel and zinc selectively, but involves a first step of
precipitation and will inevitably produce some sludge.  In addition, this
would involve some complex and perhaps proprietary organics and is really
only suitable for large-scale operations.  Your best bet is to separate the
gold from the zinc and nickel, and then use two different ion exchange
set-ups, anionic for the gold and cationic for the rest.

Just to be thorough, what is the process?  And why are these materials
wastes, and mixed?

>I am researching the best method of removing Zinc, Nickle and Gold from
>a waste process stream with no sludge as a product.
>Does anyone have any leads to whom may have been succesful with this
>Thanks in advance
>Dan Webster
>Colorado Department of Health and Environment
>Water Quality Control Division
>Colorado School of Mines

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