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Re: water usage


I would like to append to your query, while folks are looking, any sources
for "Best Practices" for water use by sector and application.  And also ask:

Is anyone interested in compiling a Best Practices database focused on
resource use?  One of the hardest (and best) questions to answer is "How
good could/should I be?"  If we can get it specific enough as far as
application, this would be a great tool for talking to companies, a
specific "scorecard" on something they care about, and a nice "brick in the
wall" for starting the conversation about environmental performance.  One
caveat: no self-reported data, especially nothing gathered by survey.  What
we need are data gleaned from projects and experience that we all can stand

We are willing to contribute if others are.

>Is anyone aware of any studies which may have been done on average
>water usage for various types of businesses, including radiator repair
>shops? Thank you for any leads.
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