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No Subject

Dear colleagues:
We addres to you in order to require your help to solve the following problem:

A petrol station is going to be built on top of an uncontrolled "inert" (in 
theory) waste landfill. Part of the materials are going to be excavated and 
we have to decide what to do with them. According to the available data, 
part of them could be reused in the site (on natural soil), part of them 
will be sent to a controlled landfill and another part to a special waste 

Do you know any procedure to define the sampling strategy after excavating 
the material? What volume of material could be represented by a single sample?
Any piece of information will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
Ana Alzola
Ibañez de Bilbao, 28 - 8ª Pl 
48009 Bilbao
Tfno: +34-94-423.07.43 
Fax: +34-94-423.59.00 
e-mail: info@ihobe.es