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Re: Site Visits

Re: Kevin Dick's response to this thread:

I do not think the issue is on-site work versus seminars. I have worked 
with clients, intensely, on their site, helping them to organize a program 
and then carry out the first assessment -- I worked as a guide and 
consultant, letting them make the decisions and helping them overcome 
problems or barriers, providing information on sources for information, 
contacts, etc., explaining how to integrate different functions, and 
occasionally serving as a referee. After the first success, I helped them 
write their report, ensuring that they gave senior management credit for 
foresight and wisdom in implementing such a program! Then I gave them a pep 
talk and pointed them in the general directions for the next phase, and 
exited the scene, to be available for consultation by phone, mail or a brief 
visit if they asked. But they did all the work!
That is very on-site and very "B".

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