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RE: Regarding Wood waste

>>For quality control, they take a small sample from each and every log >and
>see if the chemical has penetrated to the required depth 
>>(3 inches) and if the quantity of chemical is to the required level. >If
>they find out that it requires some more treatment, then it is put 
>>back into the cylinder again. This rework takes a lot of time and >creates
>a bottleneck. Is there any way where the quantity of chemical 
>>that penetrates the wood can be determined constantly without having >to
>remove the logs and take samples and check it out. If there was 
>>any equipment or device that can do this, it will save a lot of >process

I would definitely recommend contacting TAPPI in Norcross, GA or PAPRICAN
in Pointe Claire, Quebec. These are the major research centers for the pulp
and paper industry in North America.  In chemical pulping they have a
similar QA/QC issue in trying to ensure even penetration of the bleaching
liquor into the chips.  The industry has developed in-line analyzers that
provide continuous readouts on how the reaction is proceeding.

TAPPI = Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry

PAPRICAN = Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada

-Jeff Cantin

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