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Re: Odor Prevention at Lift Stations

Pio Lombardo, P.E. writes:
> One of the effective ways of addressing odors in wastewater pump stations is
> the use of biofilters.  The vented (venting is required for safety reasons, in
> particular for protecting personnel entry) gases are passed thru a soil-type
> of filter that removes/treats the odorous compounds in the gases.  System is
> effective, simple, "natural" and relatively inexpensive.
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In Vermont, we have used biofilters at a wastewater compost 
facility and at an enclosed wastewater sludge holding facility.  Both 
systems are now functioning quite well.  Although, we did have 
some initial problems at the compost facility.  All in all, I would 
highly recommend them.  

Judy Mirro

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