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Re: Toxic/Hazardous Chemicals Substitutions

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>>I'm looking for sites/information/resouces on toxic and hazardous chemical 
>>substitutions. Any lead will be appreciated. 
>>Elling Myklebust 
>>Phone: 303-216-0848 
>>Fax: 303-216-0833 
>>E-mail: info@lightcomm.com
Hi Elling,

Many of us are trying to make as much information avsailable on the web as
possible. A site that has a substantial database of good sites is P2Gems.
The address is in my signature below. 

Good luck!  You can always post a specific question on this list. 

Janet Clark <clarkjan@turi.org>
Technology Transfer Manager
MA Toxics Use Reduction Institute
University of Massachusetts
One University Ave.
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Tel 978-934-3346, Fax 978-934-3050
And a new web site to check out for pvc- and mercury-free hospitals: