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RE: Topping Off


I have to admit that I have become a big fan of Car Talk.  They actually addressed this a couple of months ago, and they noted there is an economic incentive for NOT topping off the tank.  Not only does the couple of extra millimeters do very little, Ray and Tom pointed out that all newer cars (I don't know what the cutoff year is) have a carbon filter in the gas tank cover.  If the tank is topped off, the emissions into this filter is much, much larger than it was designed for, and the filter will have to be replaced pretty quickly.  My understanding was that it was not a trivial expense.

I'm pretty sure you might be able to find the actual transcript of this discussion (as opposed to my tortured recollection) at http://cartalk.cars.com/.

I hope this helps some.


From:  Tammy Allen[SMTP:tallen@co.pinellas.fl.us]
Sent:  Friday, January 29, 1999 10:16 AM
To:  p2tech@great-lakes.net
Subject:  Topping Off

Can anyone with a comprehensive understanding of air pollution assist
me?  I would like a local campaign to teach citizens to avoid topping
off their tanks (over-filling).  However, I cannot find emissions
estimates for how much air pollution actually occurs from topping off. 
I also have found very little incentives to offer to citizens if they
don't top off (e.g. cost savings, health, etc.).  Can anyone provide me
information with regard to topping off?

Tammy Allen
Pinellas County Environmental Mgt.