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Re: Best Practices Database

I agree that such database would be tremendously useful.  What could
list-serve participants do to push this along.  Perhaps we could discuss
the issue at the next P2 Roundtable this spring in DC.  Any other ideas on
where/how to proceed on this?


At 08:50 AM 1/29/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I second Terry's notion for a best practices database. EPA ORD has
expressed an
>interest in doing more P2 work, and we recommended they help establish a
>business "P2 benchmarks" database along the lines Terry suggested.  No
>yet to that request, but I think it is long overdue. I'd to know how many P2
>Techers would be interested in contributing to and/or using such a thing.
>we can get some results if there is a demonstrated demand.
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