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RE: Website for EHS information by chemical

Cindy McComas (mccom003@tc.umn.edu) asked in part:

	>  Does anyone have a web site reference you have found to be useful
	>  providing environmental, health, and safety information by
      > Ideally chemicals would be cross-referenced to CAS.

In addition to the sites suggested by the other P2TECH'ers I also suggest
that you consider the Right-to-Know Net, a general repository for public
disclosure information on a variety of topics.  Not sure if you can search
by CAS, but can search by common name and obtain not only MSDS-type
information, but often times articles and reports on specific aspects of
toxicity and exposure concerns.  

The site is not as direct as ChemSoft, for example, but often times can
provide additional interpretive and background information that helps make
sense of the numbers.

Hope this helps.

Scott Butner (rs_butner@pnl.gov)
Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Technology Division
Pacific NW National Laboratory
4000 NE 41st Street, Seattle WA  98105
206-528-3290 voice/206-528-3552 fax