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A few administrative questions...

Hi all,

*** Contact information is at the bottom of the page ****

It is the beginning of the month and here are the P2Tech updates.  I have
had a few administrative request lately and thought I would pass them along
to get the general feel of the group.

1.  The first request was to split P2Tech into 2 list servers.  I believe
the person suggesting the split thought we might start a list for simple
information postings and another for inquires.  The theory is that by
dividing things into two lists, people would have the choice and, thus,
reduce the e-mail load.  

Some considerations: 1)  We set up the P2Tech archives as a new group of
sorts.  People can, and do, monitor and post messages from the web page.
2) Is there really enough _routine_ traffic on P2Tech to justify a split?
Would you really just be interested in one of the lists, or would you
subscribe to both anyway?  

2.  Currently P2Tech messages appear in your in box as being from the
author.  We can change that so that the author shows up as P2Tech.  Would
this help?

Some considerations:  We used to do it that way.  We changed because of the
vacation message problems and the number of personal messages appearing on
the list.  I think I can get around those problems with the current copy of
the software, so messages will appear to be from P2Tech, but the reply to
function will go to the author rather than the whole list.

Please respond with any comments directly to me as not to add any more
traffic to the list :0).  I will let you know the consensus next month.

*** Contact Information ***
Address admin questions to me at <listman@wmrc.hazard.uiuc.edu>.
To post a message to the list, write to <p2tech@great-lakes.net>.
To view the archives, see <http://www.great-lakes.net/lists/p2tech/>.


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