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Re: Best Practices Database

To Terry & All,

I would certainly be very interested in participating. I don't have much
data but can contribute some perspectives from another continent.

Graham Noble
Noble Environmental c.c.
2 Lynnwood Hof, 9 The Ring, Lynnwood 0081, Pretoria, South Africa

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From: Terry Foecke <tfoecke@matprod.com>
To: p2tech@great-lakes.net <p2tech@great-lakes.net>
Date: 01 February 1999 09:36
Subject: Best Practices Database

>To All:
>So far six individuals have responded publicly and privately to my query
>about compiling a Best Practices database focused on resource use.  The
>sentiment in this population seems to be:
>--would be useful
>--will be hard
>--avoid a "design by committee" process
>--just do it
>I think Mike Callahan captures the spirit of what I was driving at: using
>site-specific data in creative ways to answer more questions than we are
>now, however clumsy or qualified our benchmarks are when we start.
>To reiterate, I think we should avoid using survey data in favor of data we
>have gathered/generated ourselves, or otherwise trust or can vouch for.  I
>would also like to see a focus on resource use, the inputs v. outputs
>early-stage exploration that can be so time-consuming yet so fruitful.
>Who else is in?
>Who has data?
>Terry Foecke
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