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P2 Best Management (or Manufacturing) Practices

There has been a lot of interest in a database of benchmarked environmental
practices and means for evaluation of where a company stands with their EMS
type programs.

To help start the process, Check out     www.bmpcoe.org  The Navy has been
benchmarking Best Manufacturing Practices and posting them for several
years.  Some of them are Environmental BMPs.  Also available at this site is
the Environmental Guidance Document (EDG) called "How to Be Green and Stay
in the Black" under the EBMP tab. 

Also, print out the  "Environmental Process Self Survey" available in Full
Text in .pdf on TVA's P&PS website publications page   
It is a little survey that companies can answer themselves to see how they
compare to benchmarked companies environmentally.

Steve Hillenbrand
Industrial Waste Reduction Engineer
Process & Prevention Services, Tennessee Valley Authority
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