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P2 - Remediation Question

Dear P2 Tech,

Here is a response to the query from Bilbao about building a petro= 
l station=20 
on top of an old landfill.

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Date: Wed, 3 Feb 1999 10:49:20 EDT 
Subject: P2 - Remediation Question 
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Once the old waste is excavated as part of site preparation, it= 
must be handled in accordance with Waste Management regulations. = 
In most cases that will mean it will have to go to a permitted= 
disposal site. If it is clean fill it can be re-buried on site. = 
It may also qualify under a Waste Management Beneficial Use Permi= 
or an existing Waste Management General Permit as acceptable fill= 
. =20 
If so, it could also be re-buried on site. 
The person should contact Waste Management and explain exactly= 
what they have. There is no legal definition for "inert fill". 
TO: p2tech (=20 
p2tech@great-lakes.net@PMDF@DER003 ) 
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Dear colleagues: 
We addres to you in order to require your help to solve the=20 
following problem: 
A petrol station is going to be built on top of an uncontrolled= 
"inert" (in 
theory) waste landfill. Part of the materials are going to be= 
excavated and 
we have to decide what to do with them. According to the availabl= 
part of them could be reused in the site (on natural soil), part= 
of them 
will be sent to a controlled landfill and another part to a=20 
special waste 
Do you know any procedure to define the sampling strategy after= 
the material? What volume of material could be represented by a= 
single sample? 
Any piece of information will be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you in advance. 
Ana Alzola 
Iba=F1ez de Bilbao, 28 - 8=AA Pl