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Cable pulling lubricant -Reply

I have operated an electrical contracting business for many years. The
answer to your cable lubricant problem is a definite yes. There are on the
market today non toxic glycerine based wire pulling compounds used for
pulling multi-wires into a conduit. Samples can be obtained from an
electrical materials wholesaler who deals with electrical contractors. I
personally would use a pure mineral oil which does not contain any
detergents in lieu of 
kerosine or petroleum based detergents.
>>> Donna Toy- Chen Donna Toy- Chen <DCHEN@EAD.CI.LA.CA.US> 02/02/99
08:58am >>> 
Dear P2tech:
We are looking for an electrical cable pulling lubricant. The application is 
for horizontal subgrade electrical cable. The cable is plastic coated and
through time, become attached to it's outer metal conduit. Kerosene works 
well, in freeing up the cable so that it can be pulled from the conduit. Are 
there any non-toxic alternatives known? As a start, we are looking into 
soy-based solvents. Are there other areas we should be researching? Are 
glycerin or food-based oils potential alternatives?
Any ideas or leads will be appreciated.
Donna T. Chen 
Hazardous and Toxic Materials Office 
City of Los Angeles 
201 N. Figueroa Street, Suite 200 
Los Angeles, CA 90012