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An unofficial survey - Environmental Management SystemAssistance

Hi Folks,

Please indulge me on a very simple (three easy questions), informal, unofficial, unsanctioned, *I’m just curious* kind of survey regarding Environmental Management Systems (EMS).  This e-mail is primarily directed to assistance providers of all walks of life (Environmental Agency-based or separately-run P2 Programs, SBTAPs, SBDC's, NIST/MEPs, University Programs, etc).  

Some background:  NH is one of the eight or so states piloting EMS projects.  The P2 Program of the NH Department of Environmental Services is peripherally involved in the project.  You know the saying, *better late than never?*  Well..... NH never passed a mandatory P2 Planning or Toxics Use Reduction Law in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s, and only recently (it’s at the printer as I write) developed a Pollution Prevention Planning Guide incorporating much of the problem-solving and quality tools discussed in the lively dialogue that recently broke out on this list serve.  I think we finally "get it" in NH.  Great, timely stuff.  I really appreciated the opportunity to see the discussion unfold - I still need to go back and crunch the information.  

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the *silver bullet,* throw them a bunch of fish approach vs. the help them build an *infrastructure for success,* *teach them to fish* approach associated with P2 Planning and EMSs.

I have three simple questions for any of you who choose to respond.   Yes’s or No’s will suffice for now for simplicity’s sake.  Please respond directly to me.  I will certainly compile the results and get them back out to anyone who is interested.  

1)  Does your program currently offer EMS-related assistance of any sort: outreach literature, workshops, or on-site work (gap analysis type assistance) - anything that might get a company thinking about the EMS or possible certification down the line?  If you are one of the eight EMS pilot project states - let me know that too.  

2) If you are not currently offering EMS-related assistance, do you have intentions of doing so sometime in the future?  and finally,

3)  Do staff have any official EMS training or specific EMS credentials?  (For example: I attended (on my own time and money) a week-long EMS Lead Auditor Training Course, passed the exam, and am currently working with the Registrar’s Accreditation Board on EMS Auditor credentials).  If you were wondering, no, we don’t have any intention of conducting certification or registration audits -- I just wanted to learn about the EMS in great detail and felt the such credentials would lend credibility to my program.

That’s it.  Thanks for your participation.   

Vince Perelli, M.S.
NH Department of Environmental Services
Pollution Prevention Program
6 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301
603 271-2902
603 271-2456