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Re: Best Practices Database to RUB

I've done some benchmarking work with emissions normalized to production for
large chemical manufacturers.  I couldn't share the data as it exists, but
there might be a way to sanitize it.  And the methodology is certainly open
to anyone.  We've found that normalizing to production is important, and
it's tough when the facilities have different product slate combinations.

I've also done some work on following the production, transformations,
trade, and release of chlorine (elemental and in compounds) in the United
States.  We found losses based on production quantities less inputs, on a
chlorine basis.  We had to know production processes in order to do that
because we had to know what was the feed for which compounds.  That data
would be useful in terms of seeing where individual facilities and processes
lie on the waste generation spectrum.  Perhaps finding aggregate values for
the nation will be the best way to benchmark.  Process or facility
performance would be indexed to the national average.  It'd be tougher to do
without a marker element to follow (like chlorine).

At any rate, count me in too, for what it's worth.

Kirsten Sinclair Rosselot, P.E.
Process Profiles
P.O. Box 8264
Calabasas, CA 91372-8264


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Date: Wednesday, February 03, 1999 5:22 AM
Subject: Best Practices Database to RUB

>To All:
>Thanks much for all the postings to date.  We have about a dozen
>interested in this early stage, and imagine others await more details of
>exactly what we are talking about.  A small group will work on defining
>exactly that, and open it up again next week.
>For now, the term we will use to describe our effort will be "Resource Use
>Benchmarks", to more precisely capture the notion of inputs, outputs, and
>system efficiency.  We would like to be able to use and give comparative
>info in response to the question, "How am I doing?" in terms of resource
>use, efficiencies, and releases.