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Re: Topping Off -Reply

I have asked some people in our Emissions
Inventory to supply a number.  I know that not
topping off is one of the action items we suggest to
the public on days when conditions are favorable
for ozone formation.
The site at:
http://www.tnrcc.state.tx.us/air/monops/ozoneaction.html    describes the program.

A list of 10 action items, (includes many of 
Duncan's good  suggestions) can be found at:

>>> Duncan Philips
<Duncan@genesis2.demon.co.uk> 01/29/99

Thomas Vinson, Engineering Specialist
Industrial Pollution Prevention, Office of Small
Business and Environmental Assistance
Texas Natural Resource Conservation
MC-112, PO BOX 13087, Austin, TX 78711-3087
 01:05pm >>>

Hi Tammy,

I think you need to be rather more specific in your
quest as there are
many more viable areas of public awareness that
can be tackled rather
than something such as a concern about
over-filling.  In any case, a
genuine over-fill will simply lead to a small spillage
and evaporation
of the fuel.

Emissions to air from petroleum spirit would
typically be in the form of
benzene and there have been many research
projects to find out the
exposure risks and health effects of this.  The data
shows that even on
the very busiest roads, exposure to benzene is
usually less than 1ppb
(part per billion).  (here in the UK, at least)

There has been research into the exposure of
workers in the shops next
to filling stations and this indicates that it can be the
case that the
air-conditioning systems suck in the air with
evaporative benzene
content..  thus the workers can be more highly
exposed in their internal
environment than the person outside filling their car!

>From a public awareness point of view I think there
are a number of
important air quality related issues that you could

-  the quality of air inside your car is poorer than
that which someone
walking alongside a road is exposed to.

-  we all make too many unnecessary journies in our
cars that could
otherwise be made using public transport or
bicycles etc..

-  if we changed our driving techniques to a
smoother and less
aggressive style we could reduce emissions

-  do you really *need* that large car?  Why not have
a smaller, more
efficient car?

There are lots of other areas that could be

I'm more than happy to discuss air quality issues
further if you wish.



Duncan Philips
e-mail to: Duncan@genesis2.demon.co.uk
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