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Educators Launch Internet Workshop On Pollution Prevention

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>10 FEBRUARY 1999
>Educators Launch Internet Based Workshop On Pollution Prevention
>Contact: Dr. David Shonnard
>Michigan Technological University
>HOUGHTON, MI--Researchers at Michigan Technological University
>and Arizona State University have launched an open Internet based
>workshop on pollution prevention research and teaching in higher
>Principal investigators for the project are Dr. David Shonnard
>of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Michigan Tech and
>Dr. Stephen Beaudoin of the Chemical, Bio, and Materials
>Engineering Department at Arizona State. Funding is being
>provided by the National Science Foundation through the
>Engineering Directorate, Division of Bioengineering and
>Environmental Systems.
>"The goal of the open workshop is to focus a diversity of
>technical backgrounds and practical experience on pollution
>prevention issues in higher education," said Shonnard. He said
>core participants will be chosen based on a submitted position
>paper from a list of national experts compiled as part of the
>project's goals. An e-mail listserver will provide opportunities
>for open discussion on topics of interest to national and
>international participants.
>"Our objective is to formulate a set of recommendations and
>guidelines for the conduct of pollution prevention research in
>academia that will help to establish the foundation for research
>scholarship and encourage technology transfer to industry," said
>Shonnard. "An additional goal is to establish pedagogical
>approaches designed to ground students in various technical
>disciplines on basic environmental literacy and the fundamentals
>of pollution prevention and its implementation in industry."
>Shonnard said anyone who is interested in pollution prevention
>education and research is invited to participate in the Internet
>workshop, which can be found on the World Wide Web at:
>http://www.p2workshop.org .
>"The goal of pollution prevention is to reduce the amount and the
>toxicity of anthropogenic (human caused) pollutants emitted to
>the environment by reducing waste generation at the source,
>rather than by applying pollution controls at the end of the
>pipe," Shonnard said. He said research conducted over the last
>decade in academia, industry, and government agencies has
>advanced the state of knowledge with respect to pollution
>prevention techniques, but until now, few, if any, open forums
>for discussion have evolved.
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>For more information, contact Shonnard at 906-487-3468, e-mail
>drshonna@mtu.edu or Beaudoin at 602-965-7769, e-mail:
>steve.beaudoin@asu.edu .
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