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RE: Asphalt shingles Recycling

About 10 to 15 years ago, I believe one of the asphalt shingle plants was
recycling shingle tabs into the fibrous material used between concrete
joints on sidewalks and highway segments.  Since it was several years ago, I
can't recall details very well.  However, the general concept was to
pulverize the shingle tabs.  Then the pulverized tabs were blended with a
mixture which was formed into a roll.  This roll appeared thick and
"felt-like".  You may wish to contact some of the roofing shingle
manufacturers about this recycling method or if it even being used.   For
example, GAF, CertainTeed, IKO and others which may include asphalt recyling
businesses.  There are a number of web sites you may want to review.

In Pennsylvania, a landfill is using shingles as light duty road surface.
Please review at the following web address --

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Subject: Asphalt shingles Recycling 

Has any jurisdiction used Recycled Asphalt Shingles on repaving a
localroadway. It is the intention to pulverize or plane the roadway and take
out	as much of the Asphalt out of the Shingles and mix it with the
aggregate	and apply the cold mix on the roadway.
Any results, reports etc would be appreciated	
Thanks		Alok Wadhawan 	Design Engineer 	Nova Scotia
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