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Re: FW: oil-bearing diatomaceous earth

Greg and Scott:

We did an aluminum rolling mill recently, too.  They do quite a lot of
re-use already, so that may be of interest, but we also found quite a few
opportunities to reduce contamination and therefore prolong the life of the
oils.  Some water-based substitutes, too, which can reduce some subsequent
cleaning activity.

If you would like the report, e-mail my colleage John at jjaimez@matprod.com.

>Hello Everyone
>We conducted a site visit to an aluminum rolling mill recently.  Their major
>waste stream of concern was a diatomaceous earth that filters the
>lubricating oils used in the rolling process.  The "D.E." is currently
>allowed to go to a Subtitle D solid waste landfill.  The company wants to
>have it burned at the power plant, but have been unable to because of Air
>Quality's PSD concerns.  Do any of you all know of alternative filtration
>mechanism that would help the company clean and reuse their oils but not
>result in such a heavy disposal burden?
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