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Economics of Green Schools

   The posting of the comprehensive list of Economics of Green
buildings generated an inquiry on building guides for schools.
Has anyone produced a guide specifically on schools, or would
one of those in the list below be especially suitable ?
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	Here are a few studies worth looking at.  You are probably
familiar with
	some of these:

	Sustainable Building Technical Manual, produced by Public
Technology Inc.,
	US Green Building Council, Sponsored by USDOE and USEPA
(available on
	Energy-Efficient Design and Construction for Commercial
Buildings, by
	Adrian KToluca, Steven Winter Associates, Inc., published by
McGraw Hill,
	Rocky Mountain Institute, contact John Browning
	E-Source, Boulder Colorado.
	Gail Lindsey, Chair, AIA Committee on the Environment
	Gregory Franta, Ensar Group, Boulder, Colorado.
	Ray Anderson, Interface, Inc. 
	National Small Flows Clearinghousel, Morgantown, jWV. Newsletter
	(innovative wastewater systems).

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