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Re: Plastic vs. Paper Grocery Bags

In a message dated 2/16/99 9:36:50 AM, you wrote:

<<I'm trying to find some unbiased information on which is more 
environmentally friendly to use: plastic or paper grocery bags. I've 
searched the archives and didn't come up with much. I also searched the 
internet and found some information that tends to support one over the 
other (put out by manufacturers or special interest groups); however, I 
haven't been able to locate anything that resembles a true study performed 
by/for a disinterested third party. Does anyone know if such a study 
exists? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Christopher L. Taylor, Ph.D. 
Senior Engineer 
The KEVRIC Company 
Phone: (210) 212-6161 
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Dr. Taylor:

May I humbly suggest that if your goung to do a comparison of grocery bags,
that you also include the costs of using cloth bags. Many people are beginning
or were raised bringing their own bags to the grocery bags to the store, It
takes awahile to remember to get them out of the car, but old dogs like me can
even learn in a short time.  

Our P2 Center give out a large cloth bag to all our event recipients that says
TAKE ME SHOPPING with our name also displayed. Many stores also sell them for
$5 and give a 5 discount each time you bring in your own bag. They last
easily 100 times so, they pay for themselves.

Hope you'll add cloth to your analysis and get some for yourself and start to
use them.

Patrick T. Ferraro, Executive Director
The Silicon Valley Pollution Prevention Center
351 Brookwood Drive, San Jose
408 291-0131, Fax: 408 294-1239