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Cost Comparison between Dry Filter Paint Booth and Water -Reply

We use cloth bags for most of our shopping and generally prefer
paper bags when we do not use our cloth bags because we use
the paper bags for kitchen trash - but more importantly here is a joke
on this subject (which may have come from Reader's Digest).

A man/woman comes home from work and proudly announces
to his/her family that he/she has been promoted to vice-president.

No one in the family seems particularly impressed.

The newly annointed v.p. responds with astonishment and
proceeds to explain how this is a great honor and recognition for
years of hard work.

The family remains unimpressed.  One family member even
suggests that v.p.'s are so common that the local grocery store
probably has a v.p. in charge of bags.

The new v.p. is really steamed now and in a fit of rage says, "I have
had enough of this disrespectful nonsense.  I am going to call the
grocery store and show you that being a v.p, really is something

He/she calls the grocery store and asks the operator for the v.p. in
charge of bags.  The operator at the store replies, "Would you like
the v.p. in charge of paper or the v.p. in charge of plastic?"